Lambeth Labour Cllr Ed Davie, who is joint cabinet member for health and adult social care retweeted Lambeth Council:

Across the country Tory cuts have shut over 500 libraries while @LambethLabour has innovated to keep all 10 of ours which are winning awards and being used by even more people than ever

After a Lambeth council Tweet which said: @lamlibs has been awarded one of 29 medals handed out nationally – for an exceptional #Tull100 project to mark the 100th anniversary of the death of the Black footballer and World War 1 hero Walter Tull, who died in the First World War on this day in 1918 aged 29

…and provoking the following responses on social media:

Kim‏ @Kim_hLewis Mar 26 Replying to @EdDavie @labour_lives and 2 others

Working with social enterprise Better (GLL) who are paying no rent for Carnegie hollow-out. Working with Picturehouse who don’t pay minimum wage. More amenities? Friends of Carnegie Library just held AGM in a church hall because the library wasn’t available for booking.

Alex Chambers‏ @AlexChambers Mar 26 Replying to @EdDavie @labour_lives and 2 others

Are you serious? The money wasted on closing @CarnegieLib was disgusting – and when it finally reopened (how many years later and late) rather than having librarians you’re paying sorry-looking security guards!

sarabredemear‏ @sarabredemear Mar 26 Replying to @EdDavie @labour_lives and 2 others

The gym is not part of the library – you must pay to use it. Carnegie has no community room, cafe or cinema and is open less hours than ever with paid staff.

Defend The Ten Retweeted mike tuppen‏ @tuppenwaterloo Mar 26 Replying to @lswaffield1 @defendtheten

quite agree the so called Library at Waterloo is totally unfit for purpose and although I live 10 mins walk, I prefer to use the John Harward library at the Borough .A library needs librarian none at Waterloo

Defend The Ten Retweeted ♻Michael J Keane  ♻‏ @KeaneMJ Mar 26 Replying to @EdDavie @labour_lives and 2 others

Or more accurately, Lambeth haven’t closed any libraries apart from the 5 Lambeth libraries that were closed. (With thanks to @LambethArchives without whose help this information might have been lost).

Laura Swaffield‏ @lswaffield1 Mar 25 Retweeted Ed Davie

Not quite. 4 out of 10 Lambeth libraries gutted and de-staffed, millions wasted on huge hand-outs to outside companies squatting in library bldgs. Usage has plummeted. Hard-working, ingenious, neglected staff succeed DESPITE council.

Cllr Davie also Tweeted the following:

Working with social enterprise Better and a cinema company has enabled us to keep all our libraries open with extended opening hours and more amenties. Much better than closing any as has happened to 500 libraries elsewhere. Laura attended the opening of our new library building

Laura Swaffield‏ @lswaffield1 Mar 26 Retweeted Ed Davie

Laura loves the new library at W Norwood, but is aware that LBL paid Picturehouse £3.4m, gives them the premises rent-free for years while library pays them service charges. At Carnegie library, LBL has paid £3.5m to build an unwanted gym, given rent-free to GLL. Millions wasted

sarabredemear‏ @sarabredemear Mar 26 Replying to @EdDavie @labour_lives and 2 others

Wait. Sorry – what more amenities?

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