Some of the minutes from the first Garden Group meeting organised by Carnegie Community Trust for the Carnegie library, Herne Hill. The ‘Friends’ referred to are the Friends of Carnegie Library – Ed.


1. Ten people attended (they included the Chair of the Friends and one of his committee). 2. The group will generate ideas and plans for the garden. CCT have applied for some funding for soil, plants and paving, towards recovery of areas affected by the recent building works.

It was agreed that the public sides should complement the lovely building, with design and planting to evoke the Edwardian garden of 1906. The rear garden should be planned for maximum enjoyment of its private and more peaceful aspect.  The group would like to invite the residents from the flats to join the group.

The priority should be the Ferndene Road section which was badly damaged by the building work. It was noted that the section nearest the gym has half a dozen separate service inspection chambers that need to be accommodated. (b) The front border is the second priority.

It was agreed that planting could be educational, including variety of size, scent and colour.  It was suggested that consideration be given to seeking funding for renovation of the perimeter walls, piers and railings (all Listed) as an individual project. Any new planting along those walls will be ruined when the walls are renovated.

The group discussed the potential for seating areas, possibly one area with chairs and tables and one area with a couple of benches. It was noted that the rear garden and the Haredale border get the most sun. The Ferndene border is the most shady. The front border has most traffic.

The following next steps were agreed: (a) Access to the garden to be sorted asap. A buzzer on the gate near the gym. And the door from the library to be unlocked.


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