Plans to redevelop part of the Grape and Grain pub at the top of Anerley Hill are being recommended for permission by officers at a Bromley council plans sub-committee tomorrow (Thursday) – but they will need a ‘yes’ vote from councillors.

Planning permission is being sought for the refurbishment and extension of the public house including extension, roof garden and upgraded facilities comprising a two storey upper level extension over the existing pub building and a three storey extension to the western side of the building turning the street side corner adjacent to 3 Church Road. The existing building will continue to be used as a public house (Use Class A4).

The above works comprise the demolition of the existing single storey element of the existing building with replacement by a two-storey extension with additional roof level terrace added onto the side elevation of the retained two-storey part of the building.

The two-storey extension then steps up to three-storey in height as it turns the corner onto Church Road and abuts the gable end of the existing three-storey adjacent buildings.

The ground floor of the retained building and extension will provide the main customer trade area and bar.

The first floor area, which is accessible via a staircase and a passenger lift will include customer toilets in the retained part of the building and in the extension, additional customer seating and a second bar will be provided. A service corridor will be provided along the rear elevation together with a replacement fire escape into the rear yard.

At second floor level, the additional level of the building over the two storey section will be accommodated within the roof space and will include customer seating and on the front elevation an external terrace area. The second floor area of the three-storey part of the extension will include customer seating and will have an internal void down to the ground floor level. The passenger lift will also come up to this level and access onto the external rear fires escape will also be provided.

The front curtilage will continue to be used as a beer garden and is indicated to be landscaped incorporating beer garden areas and customer cycle storage.

The appearance of the front elevation of the retained part of the building will be maintained as existing. The proposed two-storey extension will take on a similar form in terms of scale and appearance.

An officers report covering more than 22 pages includes the following:


Concerns regarding noise from mechanical plant on the exterior of the building and the odour emitted.

Concerns regarding servicing and refuse management. Control of timings is required.

Concerns with loss of daylight, the feeling of enclosure and the increased echoing of noise will affect amenity of Stratos Heights (block of flats behind the Grape and Grain fronting top end of Milestone / Patterson Roads off Church Road) residents.

Shadows caused by the Proposed Development will affect Stratos Height amenity areas.

Design is unworthy of this important site.

Concerns raised regarding noise from patron use of raised terrace.

Loss of light from street lighting to Stratos Heights by infilling gap.

Size and and capacity of the pub will bring social consequences and needs to be scaled back.

Landscaping scheme not detailed.

Support comments come from residents who do not live near the pub.

Do not see a justification for a pub of this size in addition to the pubs (we) already have.

Concern raised from number of patrons using extended pub and impact to local area.


A prime site that needs to be developed.

Tasteful plans improve the area rather than detract from it.

New design, including the roof terrace, have been made sensitive to fit in with Church Road.

Matches well the original hotel on this site and height fits in well with surrounding buildings.

Plan is sympathetic with the local area and will serve the community.

In keeping with local businesses and will likely attract more visitors to Crystal Palace and boost economy.

Roof terrace is a great addition.

Will be a brilliant view from the proposed terrace.

Extension matches other pubs and buildings next to it.

Well considered, sympathetic proposal that brings a long neglected gateway site into The Triangle back into productive use.

A great addition to the Triangle.

Terrace incorporates references to Crystal Palace in ironwork is welcomed.

Represents a significant investment in the regeneration of a corner of The Triangle which is welcomed.

Much welcome investment into Crystal Palace, and adds positively to the conservation area.

Terrace detailing using Crystal Palace design is welcomed.

Takes advantage of the fantastic views available in the Crystal Palace area.

Would be a unique and welcome addition to the Triangle.

Big improvements to previous schemes. An amazing addition to the area.

Terrace should be bigger to take advantage of the spectacular views. It would be amazing to have a roof terrace.

Just like the new cinema, the terrace is desirable & much-needed for the hip & vibrant triangle; just like the Westow House patio.

Site looks run down and needs developed as soon as possible.

Makes a positive contribution by improving the gateway to our local centre.

Will bring some life to the apex of the rapidly improving Crystal Palace Triangle.

Plan is in keeping with the areas heritage and original style of the historic Crystal Palace Hotel. Footprint in consistent with the historic occupation of the site.

Noise will not be problem with design shown.


Norwood Society has commented that the design requires more articulation to provide a landmark building at this location. Concerns are raised in respect of servicing and deliveries on road safety.

Crystal Palace Triangle Planning Group has commented generally in support of the application with some minor recommendation in respect of detailing, servicing arrangements and noise impacts. Neither the terrace nor the proposed extensions and infill detract from the conservation area and instead compliment the conservation by uniting the plot with Church Road and at an elevation similar in statue to the grand Victorian Hotel that once stood on this site.


raise no objection to the application. It is supportive of the proposals as it will enable the pub to be brought back into use to the benefit of the local community and to the vitality and viability of the area. The proposed extensions and introduction of a roof terrace are appropriate and would not have a detrimental impact on the character of the conservation area. In addition, there are no concerns regarding the impact on adjoining occupiers.

Environmental Health Pollution Officer:

No objections in principle but would recommend the following:

External Noise

In relation to plant noise, I do not agree with the acoustician that the introduction of this noise source would have a low impact. I would recommend that a condition is applied to ensure that all plant is designed to meet the London Borough of Bromley’s criteria. With regards to the 21.00 curfew on the roof terrace, I do not think that this is necessary.

Kitchen Extraction System:

Elements of noise control for the kitchen extraction system has been stated within the noise assessment I can’t seem to find any plans for the design of the extraction system and an odour abatement system.

The site is subject to a long and, in part, complex planning history, some of which remains ambiguous. The site previously formed a constituent part of what formerly comprised the Royal Crystal Palace Hotel, which dates from the 1850s, around the time when the Crystal Palace was completed. The building incorporated a substantial frontage which straddled 3-13 Church Road and the site at No 2 Anerley Hill, as well as the adjoining unit at No 2A. The hotel was bombed in September 1940. It would seem most probable that the north-western corner of the original hotel building, at the juncture of the Anerley Hill and Church Road frontages was mostly affected.

Planning permission granted in November 1962 for a new building incorporating office, shops and residential accommodation, as well as a public house “fronting Anerley Hill and Church Road”. This was not implemented.

Under reference 10/02629/FULL2, planning permission was granted for the change of use of the public house and adjoining unit at Nos. 2 and 2A Anerley Hill to provide a 2-screen cinema with ancillary foyer and cafe/bar provisions. The main cinema would have been located within the area which houses the former ballroom and car showroom at No 2A. This permission was not implemented and has subsequently expired.

Other Relevant planning history

Westow House 79 Westow Hill London Lambeth.

The site is located opposite the Grape and Grain site within the London Borough of Lambeth, was granted planning permission (ref 16/02991/FUL) for the creation of a mansard attic by adaptation of the existing roof space at Westow House Pub, in order to increase the total number of B&B guest rooms (C1 use) approved in Ref number 12/02430, from 15 rooms to 23 rooms.

This permission effectively adds two storeys to the building to reinterpret the original form of the building which was part destroyed by war time bomb damage.** The scheme is now under construction.

**Editor’s note: This is erroneous. Lewisham historian John Coulter says in his book ‘Norwood Pubs’ (Tempus 2006) that various photos of the pub from the 1950s show the pub intact. The book is available in Upper Norwood library.


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