Eight new sites in Crystal Palace  to build more ‘Brick by Brick’ homes have been selected by Croydon council – including the car park used by residents in Carberry Road off Westow Street.
Croydon council’s cabinet gave the go ahead to selling 60 sites at their meeting last night (Monday).
The sites in Crystal Palace and Upper Norwood ward (with the number of planned units in brackets) – listed in appendix ‘A’ of last night’s agenda – are:
Corner of Covington Way and Crescent Way – Land (15)
Crystal Terrace – Garages (five)
Carberry Road – Car Park (two)
College Green – Garages adjacent to 96 College Green (two)
College Green – Garages to rear of 78 College Green (seven)
College Green – Garages to rear of 44 College Green (seven)
College Green – Garages adjacent to 24 College Green (seven)
College Green – Garages adjacent to 24 College Green (18)
The majority of the sites announced last night are in New Addington North and New Addington South wards. There are no sites listed for South Norwood ward.

To access the agenda: Council meeting dates, agendas, minutes and reports

This brings you to the Croydon Council calendar. Select ‘cabinet’ on June 10th

A Croydon council press release issued today says:  “There is no legal requirement for private developers to include affordable homes on small sites, but Brick by Brick’s commitment to providing affordable homes means that they will. “All Brick by Brick schemes have a ‘Croydon first’ policy, whether they are for sale, shared ownership or affordable rent.”

All developments will be subject to Brick by Brick carrying out public “consultation” and schemes gaining planning permission, the press release adds.

“As with previous sites sold to Brick by Brick, the council will get the best possible price based on valuation factors such as the planning consent and the target of making sure that affordable homes make up half of those built.” *

A report to last night’s meeting includes the following:


This report identifies the next tranche of potential sites for the development of new homes by Brick by Brick. The developments will continue to aim to deliver 50pc affordable housing of a high quality for the benefit of Croydon residents and will help meet the overall targets for the provision of residential properties set out in the London Plan.


The council will receive a market value for the land in line with the proposed development together with income by acting as a funder to the company. In addition the council will benefit from the development profit as a 100% shareholder in the company.

1.3 Approve that where it is considered necessary by officers and subject to consideration of any objections received by third parties, that the sites listed in Appendix A will be appropriated for planning purposes pursuant to the council’s powers under s122 of the Local Government Act 1972 and/or s233 of the Town and Country Planning Act 1990

3.2 With the housing market currently seeing a flattening out of house prices and build costs increasing, the delivery of affordable housing through private development is being tested and the viability of schemes is demonstrating a generally lower level of affordable housing being brought forward. However, the demand for housing, and especially affordable housing, is increasing within borough.

3.3 Seventy five percent of the sites included within the latest tranche are likely to generate nine homes or less per site which, if disposed of privately, would not have the planning requirement to deliver any affordable units (as the current threshold is for developments of 10 or more dwellings).

Disposing of these sites to BBB therefore has the advantage of delivering a greater number of affordable units overall (due to the aspiration to deliver 50 per cent affordable) with the aim of achieving up to 40 pc of these as affordable rented units making housing options more obtainable for Croydon residents.

But as this form of housing is the least cost effective to develop this will inevitably impact the capital value of any land sold, the report cautions. (Please see:


8.1 No specific adverse environmental impacts have been identified resulting from the proposals contained in this report. Any environmental issues arising from the site development will be regulated by the planning and building control processes.


10.1 The release of these sites for development by BBB will provide real benefits to Croydon residents to secure new, good quality housing that will help generate stronger more vibrant communities that are created through the development. The developments will also create improved local infrastructure and job opportunities.

May 29th 2019

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