Lambeth council are set to splurge a further £338,000 on their new town hall – this time to pay for REMOVING furniture from Phoenix house, Olive Morris house and Blue Star house – three of the premises they are vacating as part of the big move.

People’s Audit Lambeth have uncovered the latest spend – revealed in an ‘officer delegated decision’ report dated July 12th.

The report seeks authority to award a contract to Harrow Green Ltd. “through the provisions of the YPO Removals Solutions framework contract” to carry out moves and building clearance in support of the YNTH programme. There was no formal approval in place for the payments made to date (£274,000) therefore the decision maker is asked to note the spend of £274,000 and to approve the spend of £114,000, says the report.

The costs include £6,000 for “disposal arrangements for furniture items currently held in Harrow Green storage.”

There are also ‘minor moves’ in the town hall/ civic centre (mid-July) Cost £8,000

All goods will be packed into labelled crates.  Crates are delivered in the week of the move (not before) to minimise the risk of things being mixed up.

Environmental: The report says the YPO framework contract includes a number of options for the disposal of furniture and equipment to minimise environmental impacts a) Redistribution – to identify and maximise opportunities to re-use good furniture and deliver it to other locations both within the corporate estate and to external community groups b) Re-use – to maximise opportunity to re-use stripped down furniture as spare parts c) Recycling – to ensure that the remainder of furniture is recycled responsibly with zero to landfill as a target

Where possible items have been redistributed to other council building including libraries, parks and housing estate offices. Key parts have been stripped down from lockers for use as spares. The majority of remaining furniture is being recycled to minimise the impact on landfill.

The council’s constitution requires that all key decisions, decisions which involve resources between the sums of £100,000 and £500,000, and important or sensitive issues, must be published on the website for five clear days before the decision is approved by the Director or Cabinet Member concerned, the report adds.

Blue Star House is opposite Brixton Academy;  Olive Morris house is on Brixton Hill, SW2 just up the road from Lambeth town hall and Phoenix House at 10 Wandsworth Road,, London, SW8.

Austerity-hit Lambeth’s website says the Your New Town Hall project “has rejuvenated Lambeth’s historic town hall, preserving its features and making it more open and accessible to residents. It will also reduce Lambeth council’s core office buildings from 14 to two, saving at least £4.5m a year.”

The report says the expected costs are to be funded from the Council’s YNTH programme budget which includes provisions for office-related moves.

FOI* QUESTION: Why haven’t Lambeth council sold the surplus furniture from the three sites on the open market?

(*That’s ‘For Others Information’ – Ed.)

As for YPO The Free Dictionary offers the following suggestions:

YPO Young Presidents Organization (international organisation of presidents and CEOs under 50 years of age)
YPO Yorkshire Purchasing Organisation (UK)
YPO Youth Philharmonic Orchestra (New England Conservatory)
YPO Young Patronesses of the Opera (Miami, FL)
YPO Young Professional Officer
YPO Young People Organization
YPO Your Photo Online
YPO Your Personal Office

Further reading: LAMBETHWATCH: COST OF NEW TOWN HALL IS  NOT £160 MILLION, SAY LABOUR (It’s £155.5 million) February 2018

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