Residents are being prosecuted for dumping rubbish – which Croydon council would have taken away from them for FREE.
“Some of the most recent convictions have been for dumping household items, including a fridge, three-seater sofa and computer equipment on the highway, despite us offering a free bulky item collection service for residents” says a Croydon council spokeswoman.
Other offences include dumping trade waste on roads, garden waste in Grange Park and leaving skips on the road without proper permits.
Croydon’s announcement comes as their Don’t Mess With Croydon – Take Pride campaign, cracking down on fly-tipping and littering in the borough, reached 225 successful prosecutions since it launched in 2014.
Other successes during the campaign have seen 39 vans associated with fly-tipping seized and a national award-winning effort by the council and hundreds of Street Champions to keep the borough clean.
The Don’t Mess With Croydon app, supplied by Love Clean Streets, is available on both the App Store and Google Play Store. Reporting on the app pinpoints where the fly-tip is and goes directly to the right team who can organise for it to be cleared within 24 hours.
Cllr Stuart Collins, cabinet member for clean, green Croydon, said: “If someone can take rubbish to a park, green space or public highway and dump it they are capable of disposing of it properly.” (Source: Croydon council press release)

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