THE LODGE IN CRYSTAL PALACE PARK IS CLOSED “Cedar cladding is fire risk” – memories shared on social media

The Lodge in Crystal Palace park has shut. In a terse statement Greenwich Leisure say on their ‘Better’ website:

Closure Of The Lodge At Crystal Palace National Sports Centre

Following further assessments of the fire risk associated with the external cedar cladding at The Lodge, the Greater London Authority (GLA) has taken the decision to close the building.

GLL, the charitable social enterprise that operates The Lodge on behalf of the GLA, will not be taking further bookings. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

The operation of the sporting facilities at Crystal Palace National Sports Centre remain unaffected.

UPDATE THURSDAY 15th: A Greenwich Leisure spokeswoman told News From Crystal Palace: The Lodge is honouring all bookings for the ground floor meeting rooms (there are only a handful). “However, all accommodation bookings have been relocated to other hotels/hostels in the local area or full refunds have been given.  “No further bookings are being taking for either meetings or accommodation.”

The closure of the 10-storey building which housed thousands of athletes and competitors over the years, has provoked the following reactions on Crystal Palace Local Facebook:

The Lodge in CP Park has now closed. End of an era.

I’d heard it being considered for closure, but now it’s happened.

While some things were terrible in that building, some things were fantastic. I wish they could have fixed the issues…

I’m surprised they even had permission to build accommodation in a park but then it was a long time ago.

Direction of travel is full demolition. Latest proposals showed lodge and conference centre demolished. Wooden cladding is a fire risk. Longer term…the Mayor of London has yet to make a decision on the future of the “NSC”

The lodge area is a fully serviced area…so would make an ideal location for a community building or club house. With Bromley council quietly dropping the Masterplan’s community use ‘Cricket Pavilion’, this site looks ideal to have wider park, mixed use function.

Just when cricket gets cool!

Demolition then McDonald’s drive thru.

No photo description available.

The plan shows the removal of the Lodge (18) with facilities relocated to a new hub  in the existing bar building (10)


Omg remember me & my best friend used to scrub those rooms All those athletes that used the rooms

I did that too, and hoovered it lol.

Shame, had no idea. My ex did an absail down that for Cancer Research many many years ago.

How sad I used to work there when athletes stayed. Happy memories

Would be an amazing viewing tower or quirky restaurant/bar if it was reconfigured inside.

 I abseiled down that once, in torrential rain.

My sister came to the Guinness school of sport at CP and stayed in the tower. That was in about 1975!

My mum was a chaperone in that building, whilst me and my older sister Sandra were doing a swimming short course

I stayed there in 1970 whilst playing in the National Association Of Youth Club Table Tennis Championships at the Sports Centre

Does anyone have any pics of the inside as no-one’s ever gonna be able to visit it again

Would love to get inside and photograph the period features! Sounds intriguing.

News From Crystal Palace have asked Greenwich Leisure for a comment.

To view the Masterplan proposals please ‘Google’ crystal palace park masterplan

Further info: info@crystalpalaceparkregeneration

Please see also:

Further reading: “MANY PEOPLE NOT AWARE OF REGENERATION PLAN FOR PARK”  (but they love the ‘rusty laptop’) March 29th 2018

DEMOLITION PLANS SHOCK FOR NURSERY OPERATORS – and a new building for ‘significant events’ on park’s terrace March 16th 2018

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