Saplings worth almost £54,000 have been planted in four Lambeth wards following consultation with residents which identified greening the streets as a priority, says a council statement.

The Our Streets programme has planted 110 trees in Gipsy Hill, Thurlow Park, Knights Hill and Streatham Hill wards as a result.

Through its Our Streets programme Lambeth’s traffic engineers and consultation officers approach citizens to ask what should change in the area. More greenery was highlighted in all four wards in the latest phase of an ongoing programme.

Next steps – street safety

The next stage will be Our Streets best-known task – adding traffic calming measures where residents said the speed and volume of traffic are an environmental/safety problem. We aim to complete the work during the school holidays to minimise inconvenience

Please help by giving your local young trees extra water to give them the best chance of survival while they settle in to the neighbourhood.

Ideally, every tree needs one big drink (20 litres) weekly until October, (twice a week in very hot weather)
If the ground is very hard and the water is running off, water as slowly as possible.
Tap water, rain water or even dishwater is fine. Please make sure no chemicals stronger than washing-up liquid are in the mix.
If there’s a green watering bag around your tree, fill it through the slot at the top (possibly hidden under the label). If it’s easier, just slowly pour water over the roots, letting it soak deep into the soil.
Ask your neighbours to water if you’re going away on holiday.
Try not to water if the ground is already very wet – too much water can be as bad as not enough
If you use a hosepipe, be safe – don’t leave it unattended or trail it across the road

A council statement says: “Ward councillors were very active in the consultation, going door to door with a tree catalogue produced by Lambeth’s arboricultural officer and Our Streets project managers. “Thurlow Park residents had a choice of 11 species – all selected as suitable for the local soil, sun and rain on Lambeth streets, and environmental benefits like absorbing traffic noise or greenhouse gas CO2.”

More information: For more about Our Streets please see the council’s information pages


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