On August 22nd News From Crystal Palace ran a story about plans to use two rooms in the Carnegie library, Herne Hill as offices. We asked Carnegie Community Trust for a response to comments made by both the Friends of Carnegie Library and the Carnegie Library Association:
In response to the request for comment from News from Crystal Palace:
Carnegie Community Trust – the applicant – is seeking planning permission for change of use of two rooms at Carnegie to become an Enterprise Centre. The centre will be promoted locally and in consultation with the organisation who successfully ran the similar desk hire arrangement at Carnegie for three years up to 2016. We are keen to encourage users who also wish to work in the building on local projects. The Enterprise Centre will be within the overall Community Hub which we are developing.
The applicant has a licence to use the building to develop and implement a successful business case for a Community Hub, through which to maintain the building in the future – including providing a continuing  home for the library service. This is because Lambeth Council does not have sufficient funding to fully maintain all its library buildings. We have introduced booking charges which include a reduced community rate. It is not financially feasible for us to provide free accommodation for community use at this stage. However we will fund raise jointly with community groups and local services to enable funds to be secured to support community groups.
We do not share our plans with FoCL (remainder of sentence redacted for legal reasons – Ed.).
(Editor’s note: The above was sent on August 20th but ended up in our ‘spam’ section, hence the delay in publishing. In their response, the trust did not respond directly to questions we put to them regarding comments made by both the Friends of Carnegie Library or from Carnegie Library Association  – Ed.)
Further reading:


Anyone logging on a computer  in Lambeth libraries will find this on the opening page:

Join Lambeth Library for free and use our services

You can use any of the eight local libraries to borrow books, DVDs, talking books, e-books, e-magazines and language courses. We also have online resources and services for you to use and there is plenty to do in Lambeth libraries.

The site refers you to an online map…. which shows ten libraries. Phew!


THE MUPPET SHOW SONG – it’s time to play the music

THE MUPPET SHOW SONG – it’s time to play the music

Over the past month or so News From Crystal Palace has reported how austerity-hit Labour-controlled Lambeth council were giving an extra £320,000 to their auditors; spending £240,000 on getting furniture moved out of various buildings as part of their new town hall move – and £8,000 for moving around the furniture already in their new town hall; loaning the Old Vic £1.75 million over ten years – and how one of Lambeth’s legal eagles had referred to their employers as “Muppets.” This was before they forked out for a new rainbow crossing near Brockwell park.

We felt a song coming on. This is the shorter version. Given that Lambeth Labour have shown SOME signs of improvement we’ve left the ending off as we felt it would (currently) be unfair. (We sincerely hope we don’t have to use it at a later date – Ed.)

Ladies and gentlemen of all ages, it’s time to play (some of) the music:


It’s time to fight austerity –

We’ve no money to repair homes

Cos we spend fortunes on advisers



We’re paying extra to our auditors

We’re throwing out our desks

We’re loaning money to the Old Vic –

We”ll do our own burlesques…….

(Gonzo blows trumpet)

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