HELEN HAYES SLAMS BORIS AS UTTER DISGRACE – “No words to convey how disgusting his response to fellow Labour MP was”

MP Helen Hayes has slammed prime minister Boris Johnson over his ‘humbug’ comment in the House of Commons.


What an utter disgrace the Prime Minister is. No words to convey how disgusting this response to *

John Harris‏ @johnharris1969 had Tweeted:

Watch Paula Sheriff. Then watch the PM’s response and think: enough of your amoral bull.

Helen Hayes also Tweeted:  Helen HayesVerified account @helenhayes_ Sep 25

Back in Parliament this morning. Total lack of contrition & humility from Attorney General in face of unprecedented Supreme Court judgement is shocking. Seeking to normalise the disgraceful undermining of our democracy. We will not let it stand

*Labour MP for Dewsbury, Mirfield, Denby Dale & Kirkburton


The Commons transcript from ‘TheyWorkForYou reads as follows:

Paula Sherriff Shadow Minister (Mental Health and Social Care), Shadow Minister (Mental Health)

I genuinely do not seek to stifle robust debate, but this evening the Prime Minister has continually used pejorative language to describe an Act of Parliament that was passed by this House. I am sure you would agree, Mr Speaker, that we should not resort to the use of offensive, dangerous or inflammatory language about legislation that we do not like.

We stand here, Mr Speaker, under the shield of our departed friend. Many of us in this place are subject to death threats and abuse every single day. Let me tell the Prime Minister that they often quote his words—surrender Act, betrayal, traitor—and I, for one, am sick of it. We must moderate our language, and that has to come from the Prime Minister first, so I should be interested in hearing his opinion. He should be absolutely ashamed of himself. [Applause.]

Boris Johnson The Prime Minister, Leader of the Conservative Party

(Citation: HC Deb, 25 September 2019, c793) I have to say that I have never heard such humbug in all my life. [Hon. Members: “ Shame!”] The reality is that this is a Bill—[Interruption.] This is a Bill—[Interruption.]

John Bercow Speaker of the House of Commons,

Order. [Interruption.] Order. [Interruption.] Order. I appeal to the House as a whole to debate these issues calmly. I can see the gesticulation from colleagues, and I am not—[Interruption.] Order. Mr Linden, please; allow me to respond. I am not unmindful of the purport of that gesticulation. I have reminded colleagues across the House of the very long-established precepts of “Erskine May” in relation to the conduct of debate. I must simply say that nothing disorderly—[Interruption.] No, nothing disorderly has been said. Everybody must make his own or her own judgment as to how to behave in this place, and all Members will operate at the level that they think appropriate. If I see that there is disorderly behaviour I will rule accordingly, and if I hear disorderly words I will rule them out of order. I wanted to hear—[Interruption.] Order. I wanted to hear Paula Sherriff, and did so in full, as she absolutely had to be heard. I have listened to the reply. Let’s try to respect—[Interruption.] Order. No assistance is required. Let’s try to respect each other.

Boris Johnson The Prime Minister, Leader of the Conservative Party

(Citation: HC Deb, 25 September 2019, c794) Mr Speaker, let me just explain why I call it the surrender Act. That is because it would oblige us to stay in the EU for month after month, at a cost of a billion pounds per month. It would take away from this country the ability to decide how long that extension would be, and it would give that power to the EU. It would absolutely undermine our ability to continue to negotiate properly in Brussels; it takes away the fundamental ability of a country to walk away from the negotiations, and I am afraid that is exactly what it does. If I may say so respectfully to Opposition Members who are getting very agitated about this, the best way to get rid of the surrender Act is not to have voted for it in the first place, to repeal it, and to vote for the deal that we are going to do. That is the way forward. (Source:TheyWorkForYou)

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