Here’s news of the latest monstrosity that the 100-per-cent Croydon council-owned Brick by Brick are planning to inflict on the Crystal Palace community: a 13-storey tower block which the developers want to put next to Westow park, which stands between Church Road and Bedwardine Road, alongside the two existing 11-storey blocks.

It’s chances of getting planning permission are 100 per cent guaranteed. NO planning application by Brick by Brick has EVER been refused by Croydon council.

And if Brick by Brick aka Croydon council, think that they can reduce the height of their planned tower block to 11 storeys as some sort of panacea or sop to public outrage: forget it.

News From Crystal Palace has, traditionally, kept news stories and any opinion columns separate. In this case, we are making an exception:

Enough is Enough.

As News From Crystal Palace has previously reported, residents living on the Auckland Road estate – once praised by the architectural historian Nikolaus Pevsner – have been saddled with planning monstrosities. So have people living on Ravensdale Gardens near to where Brick by Brick are putting up an eyesore of a tower block courtesy of their Croydon council owners.

The maps below of Brick by Brick’s plans show they plan to develop FOUR sites in the College Green area. These include putting one to three-storey homes at the back of people’s homes in adjoining Wakefield Gardens – whose residents have just endured a major battle over plans to redevelop the Queens hotel on Church Road.

The site includes two proposed play areas. Right next to a park which includes a children’s playground very close to the existing tower blocks. What a waste of money.

The planning ‘consultation’ documents produced for Brick by Brick also include the question: “What would improve the quality of your neighbourhood?” Well, not having an unwanted tower block for a start………

(And why is such an inane question being asked? It’s Croydon council which run the borough – isn’t it??????)

To read details of the initial Brick by Brick proposals please go to:


This link opens with the invitation: Learn more and have your say

This brings viewers to further sections including:

‘Tell us about your neighbourhood’ This includes the following questions:

  • Do you visit Westow Park? Are there any improvements you would like to see at Westow Park?
  • Where do children currently play?
  • What are your views on local car parking?
  • Do you feel safe in your neighbourhood?
  • What would improve the quality of your neighbourhood?
  • Are there other sites at/near College Green where new homes could be provided?

Why are Brick by Brick asking these questions? What can they do as a real estate developer to improve the quality of the neighbourhood? What do they care what your views on local car parking are? As to the question: ‘Are there other sites at/near College Green where new homes could be provided?’ Is this so Brick by Brick can build more of their unwanted eyesores in this area on sites they haven’t yet discovered?

Then there’s ‘Developing new homes at College Green’: We would like your thoughts about your immediate neighbourhood and how well you think it works. (16 comments – none of which appear to be publicly available.)

It contains some of the questions listed above but also: How did you use the open space at Site A before it became a contractor compound? How often do you visit Westow Park?

Do you have a garage at Site B / C / D? If so, what do you use it for?

And an absolute gem: “Which sites would you like to see homes on the most? Rank these options with top being the highest priority. If you wish not to answer this question, you can ignore it.”

(Note: There’s no option to put ‘None of the above’ – a bit lake general election ballot papers.)

This is followed by: Our initial ideas: View and feedback on our early ideas about new homes and improvements at College Green. (32 comments – again, none of which appear to be publicly available).

These are our initial sketches of suggested proposals for the sites identified within the red lined areas. Let us know what you think of these and if you have any suggestions to improve the initial proposals by completing answers to the questions below.

If you have any suggestions to improve the initial proposals…….!!!!!

The site says: Your comment will be public. Please don’t mention any personal details or names.

Overall, how do you feel about the initial proposals? (Required) Five non-Smiley through to Smiley faces follow.

Why do you feel this way?

Map of Initial Proposals

On June 11th this year News From Crystal Palace reported*: Eight new sites in Crystal Palace  to build more ‘Brick by Brick’ homes have been selected by Croydon council – including the car park used by residents in Carberry Road off Westow Street.

What the minutes of the meeting did not mention CHECK was anything about building a THIRD tower block on College Green.

The sites in Crystal Palace and Upper Norwood ward (with the number of planned units in brackets) – listed in appendix ‘A’ of the agenda – were:

Corner of Covington Way and Crescent Way – Land (15)

Crystal Terrace – Garages (five)

College Green – Garages adjacent to 96 College Green (two)

College Green – Garages to rear of 78 College Green (seven)

College Green – Garages to rear of 44 College Green (seven)

College Green – Garages adjacent to 24 College Green (seven)

College Green – Garages adjacent to 24 College Green (18)

and Carberry Road – Car Park (two). The Carberry Road listing was very quickly – and quietly – withdrawn from the list.

The majority of the sites announced last night are in New Addington North and New Addington South wards. There are no sites listed for South Norwood ward.

To access the agenda: Council meeting dates, agendas, minutes and reports

This brings you to the Croydon Council calendar. Select ‘cabinet’ on June 10th where yoiu will find the official minutes, which include the following:

The Cabinet Member further stated that no detailed plans had been drawn up for the sites listed, and it was important to note that Brick by Brick would work with and consult the local communities ahead of seeking planning permission…..

In response to Member questions the Cabinet Member for Homes & Gateway Services confirmed that consultation with residents would take place ahead of planning permission being sought, and that the transfer of land was subject to planning permission being granted. Jackanory, Jackanory,

No photo description available.


Further reading:

Further reading:
CROYDON COUNCIL SELLING OFF PARCELS OF LAND FOR JUST ONE POUND EACH – TO ITS OWN COMPANY (and it’s all, apparently, perfectly legal…..) May 29th 2019

AUCKLAND RISE: DEVELOPERS CAN APPEAL – BUT PEOPLE CAN’T Steve O’Connell highlights planning law flaw February 1st 2017



PLANNING COMMITTEE CHAIRMAN DEFENDS DECISION ON AUCKLAND RISE SPEAKERS – Steve Reed and Steve O’Connell prohibited from voicing their views on controversial proposals  June 2nd 2017

“WE NEED TO MOVE AWAY FROM OUR LOVE AFFAIR WITH CARS” SAYS COUNCILLOR AS BEDWARDINE ROAD PLANS GET GO-AHEAD – Move to defer application because of lack of parking fails as yet another Brick by Brick application is approved  September 18th 2019

BEDWARDINE ROAD HOUSING PLANS SET TO GET GO-AHEAD (even though ward councillors are unable to be there to object) August 25th 2019-12-05

BEDWARDINE ROAD DEVELOPMENT PLANS SUBMITTED – “No policy requirement for Brick by Brick to provide affordable housing” February 1st 2019-12-05


*OPINION – A BRICK TOO FAR  September 13th 2018 (References Ravensdale Gardens)



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