….AND IN CRYSTAL TERRACE: “This ‘company’ is rapacious – every spare square inch of Upper Norwood is in their sights. And because it is a company owned by the council there is no point complaining…”

Brick by Brick want to build five homes on land currently occupied by garages at the rear of homes on Crystal Terrace, which exits in Hermitage Road at one end and into Oxford Road at the other.


Stephen James Mann (Croydon Cllr Lab, Crystal Palace and Upper Norwood ward – Ed.) 12 November at 20:11

I’ve just attended the brick by brick consultation on Crystal Terrace. Apparently an application is due in spring 2020. Comments can be made at www.crystalterrace.commonplace.is please do let us cllrs know your views so we can make representations accordingly.

Drop us an email Stephen.mann@croydon.gov.uk we’d be happy to help advise. Worth speaking to those opposing the Beulah scheme too.


The offiical website – with the same format as the one for College Green – will close for comments at 4pm on Friday 6th December 2019. The website states: After this date, you will still be able to view the proposals here and contact us by emailing info@wearebrickbybrick.com

Questions – a lot fewer than those on the College Green website – include:

How often do you use the stepped footpaths between the garages and the houses on Crystal Terrace?

Could any of these footpaths be improved? If so, how could they be improved?

How many cars do you have?


One resident has posted the following: 

Please read all the comments and replies below. We may be able to stop this. It has become apparent that Crystal Terrace is far from being the only place where this, (building new properties in tiny space at the back of others), is happening. So if we unite, we may be able to get something done about these.

Please help us to get rid of this project.

Brick Brick want to build houses behind Crystal Terrace, instead of garages, on an extremely small space with a row of terrace houses on each side..

Here is my answer to one of their questionnaire queries:

Question: Do you feel safe in your neighbourhood during the day and/or night? Please explain why.

(No space for other comments, so I added mine here.)

So far. I wouldn’t feel safe though, if the footpaths were improved. It may give easy welcoming access to prowlers to the backs and sides of our properties.

There is very little space for new accommodations where the garages are. The new accommodations would be too close and oppressive for reasonable and required basic comfort, depriving the Crystal Terrace residents of breathing space, privacy, view and critical sunlight.

There are plenty other places you could find to build properties instead of trying to squeeze a development in a confined space where it would not be very beneficial to the new occupiers and would certainly be detrimental to the existing residents of Crystal Terrace.

For example, the REC that very few people use and where you could still leave a substantial green area for public usage.

I find it almost criminal that one could think of building on such a tiny site.

I also would like to mention that the dumping of trash that you use in your presentation has only happened once and that the council has dealt with it by installing a barrier to prevent recurrence. This picture should therefore not be used as it is an inaccurate representation.

Other comments include:

Crystal Terrace is a ridiculous size space! I mean the houses will be right at the bottom of the garden. Our gardens are so small they will be blocking everything! Plus the building work will be so close to our houses surely it will damage them. The noise will be horrible plus the parking, the schools etc they really have not thought it through!!🤔

This ‘company’ is rapacious – every spare square inch of Upper Norwood is in their sights. And because it is a company owned by the council there is no point complaining. 😠
There is. Don’t re-elect them.
Any opportunity to cram more poor souls into our area…

Contact your councillors for help fast. Remember our neighbourhood got over 800 signatures on a petition vs the very inappropriate high density expansion of the Queens Hotel, fought and won twice at the Croydon Planning Meetings by good organisation, but even then lost at their appeal having pooled finances for a barrister to present our case and our councillors all attending and out MP speaking in our behalf too. Be prepared to object and organise well to fight to stop overdevelopment on small spaces in Upper Norwood sold off at a cheap rate to their own BxB developer. There is another post about a similar situation on Beulah Hill Good luck!!

Could we open a Facebook account so that all the concerns get on the same page? It will be more constructive and efficient
Please help us to get rid of these projects. (this is one of them)
Brick Brick wants to build houses behind Crystal Terrace, instead of garages, on an extremely small space with a row of terrace houses on each side. I have just seen the one in Oxford road and it is shocking. Keep in mind also that this is demeaning the value of the houses.

Id like to know how it can really fit!! We’re gonna be completely over looked! Its a horrible thought. We’ve been here near 20 years and I’ve loved the peace and quiet. Everyone will see right into my bedroom and block my light!!

Stephen James Mann (responding to post):  do you wish to drop me an email on this and I’ll try and get some answers. They have built on smaller sites in the area so this is not likely to be a challenge for them in that regard. I have asked them to ensure proper dialogue with residents on this and to ensure a proper construction plan is in place to minimise noise and disruption if approved

Still no dialogue from them on the proposed developments on the Lawns

Absurd to try and fit this development into that space.

Sadly BxB (aka Croydon Council who own BxB) really don’t give a **** (please excuse the language) about current residents. They have built/are building on our estate, the consultation was a farce, they are over a year behind. Some of the new buildings  have substantially blocked sun from some current residents.

The buildings they have built are absolutely not “in keeping” with the rest of the estate. The “resident liaison officer” (second one we have had, or is it third?!) is purely there to fill the title and can’t even update a notice board with basic resident meeting information. It has been horrendous.

There is a complete and utter disrespect and disregard for current residents. All Croydon want want to do is make money, as this housing is primarily for “full-paying customers” and most definitely not for those who really need subsidised housing (which is what members of the planning committee kept saying it was for). It is awful what Croydon is doing. They seem to be building on any small bit of green space that the council already “owns”.

As one of the residents who lives in the houses directly bordering this site, can I ask anyone who feels strongly about this to comment on the website, and in due course the planning application? None of these houses will be affordable (hidden in the FAQs), they block views of the rec, invade existing residents privacy and are completely overdeveloped for a plot this size and the local amenities (esp parking). Happy to do the same for any other CP sites.

Overdevelopment is happening everywhere due to the national shortage of affordable housing, yet the housing that Croydon is building seems mainly for private sale at market prices so they can conveniently reap the profits. I’d like to see a breakdown of how much is for “affordable” rent and how much for private sale. Has anyone had experience of this? https://www.croydon.gov.uk/…/croydon-affordable-homes

Have you watched the documentary film ‘Dispossession’ at all?


We agree in College Green and discussed a joint campaign. The space that they are proposing to build on here is ridiculous. Plus over the area where are the facilities such as school, GP, dentists etc going to come from? It’s a massive increase in population density without any social structure planning. Its going to be a disaster!!


BxB built this monstrosity in The Upper North Wood https://wearebrickbybrick.com/devel…/harold-beulah-corner/

Agree,it overshadows that corner of Harold Road/Beulah Hill and should never have been granted permission

That is shocking. EYESORES. They are defacing the area. We must try to get together and get the press involved.
 It’s at the end of my road, not happy with it and they haven’t provided much parking for the residents.


Same problem on The Lawns. They are trying to build on three different areas. Parking is already poor and will get a lot worse if they build. Also people with have their properties overlooked.

Hate what the <unmentionable party as they are so popular> councillors have been approving over the whole borough with no thought given to current residents. I will object.


That’s what I meant by losing privacy. If you go to Oxford Road SE19 3JH, They have already started this and it is shockingly high. It looks like if it is going to be higher than the houses. The occupier will be looking right into their gardens, bedrooms, bathrooms, dining rooms and kitchens. No privacy at all unless you put blinds or curtains every where, which is not needed at the moment. In the summer they will be looked over when in their gardens and will have to keep their curtains shut if they don’t want any peeping. I cannot believe they are allowed to do this. MAYBE WE SHOULD SIGN A PETITION?


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