BRICK BY BRICK FIASCO: COMPANY’S STATEMENT: And from Croydon council, a deafening silence….


Brick By Brick was established to create well designed homes that are affordable for the people of Croydon. We develop high quality homes on small sites or underused public land, with the proceeds from sales returned to the council to be reinvested in the community. We currently have a pipeline of over 1,200 homes under development, including homes for sale, homes that will be returned to the council to house local people on the housing waiting list, as well as intermediate affordable housing (eg shared ownership). 

In order to ensure that our purchasing options are as affordable as possible we have focussed our intermediate housing offer on shared ownership, where qualifying customers can purchase as little as a 25 per cent share. 

Unfortunately our customers are currently experiencing some limitations on their lending options for shared ownership homes because some lenders have imposed additional lending requirements for these kinds of properties. We are able to address these requirements by becoming a Registered Provider with the Greater London Authority/Homes England, and are currently expediting this registration process. This will increase the number of lending options available to our customers. 

In the meantime, our experienced sales team are working with any affected prospective purchasers on a one-to-one basis to find an interim solution that works for them. 

Brick by Brick’s statement came in response to a myriad of questions from News From Crystal Palace which included the following, asking Brick by Brick to:

  • Confirm that on December 18*, the Brick by Brick sales team sent out an email to potential buyers wanting shared ownership properties. (*or any other date).
  • Say how many similar emails sent out before this date?
  • Say how many such emails were sent to potential buyers?
  • Say how many of these have already signed contracts with Brick by Brick?
  • Let NFCP have a full copy of this email?
  • Say why it has taken so long for this matter to come to light?
  • Say when Brick by Brick first learned that there was a problem that ANY lender was not satisfied with Brick by Brick as being unregistered?
  • Let NFCP have a copy of the post-Christmas update sent out by a senior member of the sales team


News From Crystal Palace asked Croydon council for a comment on Monday. So far? No reply.

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