Cllr Tim Briggs – the only blue on Lambeth council – has put forward a wide range of amendments to a Labour motion on the borough’s diverse communities for next Wednesday’s full meeting of Lambeth council. His amendments have no chance of getting passed.

  • Editor’s Note:LABOUR’S SUBSTANTIVE MOTION INCLUDES COMMENTS ATTRIBUTED TO BORIS JOHNSON WHICH MANY PEOPLE WILL FIND OFFENSIVE. Some people may not like some of Cllr Briggs amendments- but you may be interested to read the parts he has NOT amended. News From Crystal Palace takes the view that freedom of speech is a fundamental right in this country’s so-called democracy which is why we are publishing Cllr Briggs’ amendments.*


Motion 4: Defending Lambeth’s diverse communities

Cllr Briggs amendments in bold: deleted words in brackets – Ed.

Defending Lambeth’s diverse communities

Council notes that since the referendum in 2016, reports of hate crime in London is up 51 per cent since Sadiq Khan became Mayor, with LGBT+ hate crime growing at a faster rate than any other type of hate crime, and 2,835 homophobic hate crimes over the last 12 months in London the UK have almost doubled. Council further notes that we live in a society where abuse and hatred and a lack of tolerance or understanding of people who are not part of London metropolitan elite is becoming more commonplace, and many seek to find differences with each other instead of celebrating similarities and shared values.

Council also notes that Labour councillors actually removed the Lambeth officer responsible for recording and assessing hate crime in 2015.

Council believes that as elected representatives, we have a responsibility and duty to stand up for all of our residents, no matter their background, experiences, or beliefs. Council further believes that it is vital that we lead in establishing a more respectful and open space for debate.

Cllr Briggs amendment also deletes completely the following criticism of Boris Johnson:

(Council notes that the Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, has called black people ‘piccaninnies’, gay men ‘bumboys’, compared women who wear the Burqa to ‘bank robbers’ and said EU residents treat ‘Britain as their own’, as if this country was not their home. Council believes that expressing such views, and having seemingly no remorse for doing so, is not befitting of the highest office in the country, let alone elected office of any kind.)

Council further believes that the normalisation of (such) hateful and bigoted views (at the heart of British politics) by politicians – that have shown that they do not believe in democracy by ignoring the will of the people and using all means to try to remain in the European Union – will normalise and legitimise more hatred, and potentially feed the trend of increasing hate crime in the UK.

Council expresses its concern (that) about the despicable way the Labour Government has treated some Windrush Generation residents by starting its ‘hostile environment’ policy when it was in power nationally in 2010, and is satisfied that this Labour policy will not be repeated with our EU residents with the withdrawal of Britain from the European Union. Council believes that our greatest asset is our diversity, including a tolerance of diversity of opinion, and we value all of our communities, including all of our residents from the European Union. Council further believes that our EU citizens are an integral part of our communities and make an invaluable contribution to our businesses, the delivery of our public services, and to wider public life and we will stand with them and do all we can to protect them in the period of transition that will follow.

This council:

 Is proud that tens of thousands of citizens come from other parts of the Commonwealth, European Union and elsewhere to work, study and make their home in our diverse borough.

 We value and appreciate the huge contribution immigrants make to our social, cultural and economic life in Lambeth, London and the UK.

 We are particularly grateful to those who work in our public sector including health, social care, education and community safety without whom services would collapse.

 We are also proud that Lambeth is home to have one of the UK’s largest LGBT+ communities and has vibrant Muslim, Jewish and other religious communities.

 (Commends) Is appalled that the Leader of the Council for is only now writing to all EU citizens in Lambeth expressing these sentiments, and encouraging them to request settled status and asking for their views on what more we could do to celebrate and support their contribution, despite Labour councillors having previously refused to follow recommendations from Conservative councillors to set up an EU citizen advice line, email and drop-in service similar to the service in Wandsworth

 Commends the council for supporting our EU residents applying for settled status ahead of Brexit, with fee free identity document scanning for those applying to the government’s EU Settlement Scheme in order to make sure monetary barriers do not come in the way of our EU citizens applying for settled status, to make up for the shame of Labour councillors having previously charged the highest fee in the whole of London, creating the greatest monetary barrier out of all 32 London councils on EU citizens, for its European Passport Service

 Commits to support efforts to make Lambeth a Zero Hate Crime borough and stand with our minority communities against prejudice, inequality and attacks exacerbated by (government.) elected politicians not listening and thinking they know better than the people of this country, causing a massive breach of trust in democracy, and emboldening extremist views and extremism. We must repair that broken trust so that prejudice against minority groups does not find expression in violence and intolerance, but people once again feel more connected to one another, feel they have a shared interest in acting and expressing themselves within the law, and are punished properly if they break the law.

*Further reading: Until the Left respect democracy, they’ll just keep losing – Richard Littlejohn column, Friday January 17th, Daily Mail.

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