The 70-page report gives further details on some of the proposals mentioned in our main article:

7.11.15 The Proposed Development does involve the removal of a number of existing trees…  In summary, 158 trees, 21 full tree groups and part of 13 tree groups are to be removed to facilitate the Proposed Development. The majority of trees are Category B (moderate quality), but there will also be a loss of some Category A and Category C trees.

7.11.16 The trees that are proposed for removal are located mainly in the western section of the Site on the Upper and Lower Palace Terrace and in the north western corner of the site in the area currently occupied by the Caravan Club. Some tree removal is also proposed along the central axis to the west of the area occupied by the National Sports Centre.

Tree removals will be mitigated with a robust and high-quality scheme of new tree planting and associated landscaping works as detailed in the DAS (Design and Access Statement) says the planning statement.

7.10.15 Two further play areas will also be provided to meet the needs of the local community and the proposed residential development and will be publicly accessible for the benefit of all.

7.10.8 The Intermediate Lake is currently only accessible to members of the Angling Association; the improvements will remove the fencing that currently surrounds the Intermediate Lake making it publicly accessible to everyone. An improved network of accessible footpaths throughout the Park will also improve accessibility to the Park for all members of the public.

7.10.9 Capel Manor College’s two sites, Anerley Hill and the Farm Site, are currently both largely inaccessible to the public. As part of their redevelopment proposals, Capel Manor College propose increasing public access to the College with a new entrance directly outside Crystal Palace Station, a new pathway through the mature wooded area and public access to the Anerley Hill site (which is currently completely inaccessible).

7.10.3 The long-term vision for CPP is to ensure that it is a place of tourism, leisure, recreation and learning in the spirit of Paxton’s vision, reinvigorating it as both a contemporary and historic showcase. The landscape improvements will make the Park more accessible and pleasant, while the restoration of many of the important historical features and the construction of the cultural centre will celebrate the important history of the site

7.9.4 The Proposed Development includes three facilities which will provide significant further community benefits. The first is the community centre that will be located at Rockhills and will provide a flexible community facility to replace the existing nursery on Crystal Palace Park Road and to provide a space that can be utilised by the community.

7.9.5 The second building will be a cultural centre on the Upper Palace Terrace linked to the Crystal Palace Subway. It is intended to provide a cultural venue space with public convenience facilities such as toilets and a café on the ground floor. By its positioning and relationship with the Crystal Palace Subway will seek to bring this space back to beneficial use. It will also offer a viewing platform which will provide visitors with a new perspective of the Park.

7.9.6 The final proposed facility is the education space that will be provided for Capel Manor College (CMC). This element of the Proposed Development will enhance the education offer of CMC by improving facilities and providing opportunities to increase staff and student numbers on the Crystal Palace campus. CMC not only provides full-time courses, but also part-time courses and a successful apprenticeship scheme.

7.7.11 The Proposed Development does not comply with development plan policies relating to the delivery of affordable housing.

7.7.12 The proposed housing is being developed as enabling development which will make the restoration of, and improvements to CPP, possible. The Park’s scale, complex landscape and significant number of damaged heritage features remain a challenge for the local authority in terms of their budgets and expertise.

4.2.3 Without large scale investment and intervention into the Park for restoration and regeneration, it is likely that there would be significant deterioration of the historic fabric with the potential total collapse of the some parts of the terrace walls and loss of individual dinosaurs, increased health and safety concerns, increase in anti-social behaviour, decrease in visitor numbers with associated impact on social well-being and health, potential deterioration in local economy and decrease in land values and increased pressure for development inappropriate to CPP as a registered historic park and as a public park.

  • Landscape improvements including: removal of clutter, redundant fencing, etc.; improvements to pedestrian routes; enhancement of habitat diversity; restoration of historic views and the central park axis; re-establishment of parkland and associated landscape;
  • Earthworks to re-profile the landscape on the Upper and Lower Palace Terraces, to create gardens on the Upper Palace Terrace and install utilities infrastructure (for temporary use) on the Lower Palace Terrace to support events on the Italian Terraces;
  • landscaping to the Italian Terraces and installation of utilities infrastructure to create 3.8 hectare event space and earthworks to re-profile landscape in the Transitional Landscape area;
  • Full and partial removal of hard surfaces including: car/coach parking areas within the Transitional Landscape area, comprising a net removal of 201 car parking and 11 coach parking spaces;
  • removal of existing playground within the Cricket Ground area to be replaced by two new playgrounds within Tidal Lakes area and English Landscape area;
  • Installation of wayfinding signs and low energy lighting on footpaths; surface water drainage systems and benches; −
  • Change of use of Caravan Site to part public open space and part residential;
  • Dismantling and reconstruction of Crystal Palace Park Road Ranger’s Maintenance Building (up to 530 sqm) to be located beside Sydenham Gate; − Alteration to highways access at Anerley Hill Gate entrance, Penge Gate car park, Old Cople Lane (Rockhills Gate), Sydenham Gate car park; −
  • Creation of three additional accesses for the residential elements at Rockhills and Sydenham;
  • Improvements to highway, pedestrian and cycle access points at Penge Gate, Sydenham Gate Norwood Gate and Anerley Hill;
  • Modification of public car and coach parking areas to provide 136 car parking spaces and 10 coach spaces.

Please see also: CRYSTAL PALACE PARK: PLANS TO BUILD MORE THAN 200 HOMES (none of them affordable housing)

20/00325/OUT | Outline application with all matters reserved except highways access for comprehensive phased regeneration of Crystal Palace Park. This will include: conservation and repair of heritage assets; removal of existing hard surfaces; alterations to ground levels and tree removal; landscaping including planting of new trees; demolition of existing buildings and structures; creation of new pedestrian paths/vehicular access roads / car, coach and cycle parking; changes of use including part of the caravan site to part public open space and part residential; erection of new buildings and structures comprising: up to 2300sqm for a cultural venue (Use Class D2), up to 530sqm of park maintenance facilities (Sui Generis) including the dismantling and reconstruction of existing maintenance depot; up to 150sqm information centre (Use Class D1); up to 670sqm for a community centre (Use Class D1); up to 737sqm of educational institution at the Capel Manor College Anerley Hill Site (Use Class D1), and up to 3779sqm of educational institution at the Capel Manor College Farm Site (Use Class D1) of which 3399sqm comprises educational buildings and 380sqm comprises ancillary shelters/ outbuildings; and up to 18,847sqm of residential (Use Class C3) accommodation to provide up to 210 residential dwellings, together with associated and ancillary works including utilities and surface water drainage, plant and equipment. Full planning permission is sought for alteration to highways access at Anerley Hill Gate entrance, Penge Gate car park, Old Cople Lane (Rockhills Gate), Sydenham Gate car park and the creation of three additional accesses for the residential development at Rockhills and Sydenham Villas. | Crystal Palace Park Thicket Road Penge London SE20 8DT

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