A resident of Cressingham Gardens estate – one of six which Lambeth Labour want to demolish across the borough – has made a Freedom of Information request on electricity charges.

In his FOI request to Lambeth council Tom Keene says electricity charges on the estate close to Brockwell park  have increased by around 350 per cent from around 2017 onwards.

And electricity charges for one block (Hardel Walk 41-47 odd’s) increased by around 2,000 per cent in 2019. “Other blocks are reporting similar issues” says Mr Keene in his request.

“I have provided data below regarding these costs. In light of this huge increase, can you please provide:

– A full description of how charges are calculated for ‘block Hardel Walk 1-47 odd’ including how many (and which) properties or blocks the meter (or meters) determine which charges are apportioned to.
– Meter readings for electricity supplied for Hardel Walk 1-47 odd since 2012.
– Meter readings for electricity supplied for the entire estate since 2012.
– An electricity service map/diagram that explains which meters serve which properties and which meters serve communal lighting. I believe there are 7 or 8 electricity cupboards on the estate.

– 2012-13: £182
– 2013-14: £222
– 2014-15: £210
– 2015-16: £215
– 2016-17: ??
– 2017-18: £235
– 2018-19: £0
– 2019-20: £5386
– 2020-21: £5461

– 2012-13: £1628
– 2013-14: £2784
– 2014-15: £2056
– 2015-16: £1621
– 2016-17: £???
– 2017-18: £8406
– 2018-19: £9932
– 2019-20: £8574
– 2020-21: £8694

Yours faithfully, Tom Keene

Other questions to Lambeth’s FOI team include:


Sara Skelley

Dear Lambeth Borough Council,

Please can you advise how you procure design and property related professional services:
1. Do you have in-house consultants, or do you source through other means?
2. Do you use any contractor and/ or consultant frameworks, if so which?
3. Do you have partner agreements in place with particular suppliers?
4. Do you have your own construction/ consultant framework?
5. Who is responsible for your capital programme?
6. In none of the above are applicable please advise by what routes you would procure these services?

Yours faithfully, Sara Skelley

(Source: WhatDoTheyKnow website. Please search Lambeth borough council – Ed.)

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