… but when is a ‘like’ on the West Norwood development plans not a ‘like’?

Visitors to Lambeth council’s SAD PD website on the proposed West Norwood town centre and Knollys Yard developments may wonder why the plans are getting so many ‘likes’ – or ‘agreements’ – 207 for West Norwood and 192 for Knollys Yard.

There’s a very easy answer: They’re not.

The ‘likes’ – indicated by a thumbs up and listed as ‘agreements’ on the Lambeth website – are for criticism of the plans. Not praise:

On the West Norwood town centre plans the Lambeth website states 207 agreements – but at least 174 of those comments are from people agreeing with people who disagree with the plans. These include:

Very worried about the potential “tall building” plans – there are no other buildings of that size in the area and I think it would have a hugely detrimental effect on light and space in what is currently a fairly quiet residential area. Also, traffic and parking is relatively busy already in this area so accommodating a large number of people in a tall building will clearly negatively affect traffic and parking. (Five people agree)

Site 18 must be struck from the Development Plan; why can’t Lambeth stick to the 2021 Lambeth Local Plan. West Norwood is SUB urban, and must remain part of the ‘south of South Circular policy’. NO HIGH RISE. Out of keeping and ridiculous. Our councillors and local people have not been consulted, who will buy these flats? They will probably become investments for rich foreigners The local proposals are not ‘plan led’ as required by the LLP . West Norwood does not have the infrastructure for this development; transport, services, doctors etc. West Norwood’s character will be ruined. (six people agree)

Not happy. Does no one spare a thought for the residents of York hill estate where the blocks are neglected, flat roofs cause damp in properties and now we will be over shadowed by these buildings? (Three people agree)

On Knollys Road the Lambeth website states 192 agreements – but at least 170 of those comments are from people agreeing with people who disagree with the plans. These include:

Completely inappropriate for this area. It is south of the south circular and should not have buildings anything like this height. Councillors and residents have not been consulted. Site 19 must be struck from the Development Plan and Lambeth should stick to 2021 Lambeth Local Plan. Access roads etc are completely insufficient. Local area does not have the services and transport. The businesses already in this site did not know about this plan. Where are they supposed to go? Does Lambeth hate West Norwood so much they are foisting Site 18 and 19 on us? And the Windsor Grove scrap metal yard? West Norwood is not a dumping ground! We have our own character and want to keep it. (Two people agree)

I am extremely unhappy about the proposed development and wholly oppose it. The main access road into site 19 will emerge directly opposite my house. This development will cause years of disruption for residents of Knollys road and place huge additional pressure on already stretched local services (it is already extremely difficult to get a GP or dentist appointment in West Norwood). It will also make it impossible to park near our own home and will ruin our view. A tower block will loom directly over our house. (Five people agree)

I really do not want a 115m tower block erected directly behind my property at the corner of Knollys Rd / Cameron place. Traffic and footfall on the road will increase and the new building will overlook my property and spoil the view. (Six people agree)

…and for the sake of balance:

In support of the West Norwood plans:

Comments include:

As a local Landlord, resident and former business owner this is the news I have been waiting for. West Norwood has been crying out for redevelopment. Other local areas have managed to turn around and improve to the benefit of its local community. It’s West Norwood’s time now! (Two people agree)

Completely amazing, bring it on. The area has been a wreck & the petrol station a stinky cesspool in the middle of town! (one person agrees)

In support of the Knollys Road plans:

Comments include:

Yes yes yes, bring it on. New connections, better uses, local jobs. Honestly this is great (no-one agrees)

How do you feel about the Vision for Site 19? 100 (no-one agrees)

I don’t live too close to it but it is good to see more affordable housing for the area. As long as it doesn’t impact the adjacent houses too much (no-one agrees)

How do you feel about the Vision for Site 19? 100 (no-one agrees)

Do you have any comments about the vision for Site 19?

Love it. Room for a children’s playground? (no-one agrees)

Super keen on improved pedestrian / cycling access to the town, urban greening and improved biodiversity value for the area, including urban food growing. We are supportive of the creation of new housing, including affordable housing, as long as the density and height is appropriate to the area. And supportive of business opportunities for the creative, digital and low carbon industries. (no-one agrees)


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