Remembrance Sunday wreaths to be relaid at War Memorial – recovered after they were stuffed in a litter bin (and how this brilliant community got them back)

HMS Crystal Palace – at the Crystal Palace

Lest We Forget: On the night of Saturday November 19th 2022 the wreaths left in Remembrance at the Crystal Palace War Memorial on Westow Street were stolen, and unceremoniously stuffed into a nearby rubbish bin on Church Road. 

This was a deliberate act as all the wreaths had been recently secured in place by wire to stop them blowing away in the winds.

Thanks to the amazing local community in spotting and reporting the theft the next morning, the incredible and heart-warming community response to a local appeal on the News from Crystal Palace website as well as on social media, and help from Croydon Cllr Patsy Cummings (Crystal Palace and Upper Norwood ward) and the Police, the wreaths were found and saved from being trashed by the next Croydon waste bin collection.

With further help from many local businesses in checking hours of CCTV to find out what happed to the wreaths, the theft of nearly 30 wreaths was pinned down to 23:07 that night.

This was when a suspect of interest was seen ripping off multiple lamp-post poppies and seen walking away with the wreaths. Sadly, after extensive Police work checking CCTV the quality of the recordings were not of sufficient quality to take further Police action.

With the suspect still at large, and following Police advice, the wreaths will be re-laid at the War Memorial, with more heavy duty toughened wire and padlocked.

What makes this event especially so sad is that the Remembrance Sunday in 2022 actually marked the 100th anniversary  of our War Memorial, unveiled in 1922. (Source: Local resident)


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