Defend The Ten‏ @defendtheten Tweeted: Rosa (17) & Felix (12) are here for election countdown wk 25. Felix says “to me the library meant freedom…”  And to which Lambeth’s Green party  Cllr Scott Ainslie‏ @Scott4Streatham  replied: “I totally get that-my library meant everything to me-where I could be who I wanted; free from noise & distraction. “Free to dream.”


Lambeth council’s annual report fort the financial year ended March 31st 2017 shows that during that period the council put £52,610,000 into banks and £63 million into building societies (page 44 reference 14g).

LAMBETH TALKING RUBBISH SAY GREEN PARTY – Flytipping figures completely wrong
As a recent FOI by the Green Party discovered, in Lambeth as a whole only 35 fixed penalty notices have been issued for flytipping since councils got the powers to issue fines in May 2016 – and only one of those was issued in Gipsy Hill.

Green Party campaigner, Pete Elliott, who came within within 36 votes of being elected in the Gipsy Hill by-election in 2016, said: “Labour are blatantly lying to people in Gipsy Hill.

“Lambeth council have issued just one solitary fine for flytipping in Gipsy Hill – not 3,000! “And in Lambeth as a whole it has fined only 35 people in 16 months. “This compares with 268 issued by Croydon and 117 in just eight months by Wandsworth.

“Lambeth could be doing so much better to look after our commuities – but instead they are spending money on PR and spin.

“I am determined to hold Labour councillors to account and call them out every time they mislead people.

“People deserve councillors who listen and responding honestly to their concerns. “And we deserve a council that takes flytipping much more seriously.”

Link to the FOI:

(Note: As News From Crystal Palace previously reported, at the last full council meeting Cllr Brathwaite, cabinet member for housing and environment, was keen to emphasise that fly-tipping in Lambeth has dropped by 32 per cent from September 2016 to September 2017.)


Peoples Audit: Given that we have been blocked from asking questions + Lambeth are burying heads in the sand perhaps we should hold our own public meeting?

Jason_Cobb @Jason_Cobb #localgov minutes are such ********. No mention from @lambeth_council of @Scott4Streatham referencing @peoplesaudit

Scott Ainslie Tweeted ..Yet they’ve £3m to blow on comms/PR to try & convince you between now & May to vote for them again.

Scott Ainslie @Scott4Streatham I have challenged the minutes & asked for my points of 1) wishing the election passes without controversy 2) @PeoplesAudit goes in

Defend The Ten Retweeted guyhatton‏ @guyhatton  Yes, books ARE wonderful things. A pity Lambeth is also shutting down our libraries.

Defend The Ten Retweeted Lambeth CouncilVerified account @lambeth_council
Proud to be an accredited #LivingWage employer #BetterJobs

To which Tom Keene responded: So why are sub-contracted cleaners on estates like @SaveCressingham paid less than the living wage? Why don’t your contracts address that?

Lambeth Cllr Imogen Walker @imogenwalker Tweeted: It’s #LivingWageWeek! Support us because a hard day’s work deserves a fair day’s pay #livingwage

To which Jason Cobb responded: How does this tally with the £3.4m being gifted by @lambethlabour to @picturehouses who won’t pay @RitzyLivingWage?

LHA Retweeted The Log Lady @gamecounsel: One of the most galling things about facing demolition of your home is that Lambeth Council play the victim when you fight back & speak up.

LHA Retweeted The Log Lady @gamecounsel Lambeth councillors need to understand that we DO take the demolition of our homes personally and they need to own their responsibility.

from Facebook: Sid Skill shared a link.

This Thursday, Lib Peck will be wasting Lambeth council’s budget on a drinks reception at the South Bank to launch her dodgy bid for Borough of Culture. The good news is that the event is open to anyone who’s interested

Further reading: Lambeth Borough of Culture bid: Opportunity to put your views to Cllr Peck at a drinks reception, 16th Nov by Mike Urban. Brixton Buzz November 6th 2017

In 2015/16 Carnegie Library’s budget was £164,000. Guess how much it’s cost to keep the library closed. (FOI at )


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